Wine lovers! Come join us for the Vinho Verde Wine Festival 2017 in Alfândega do Porto, July 20 – 23.


Vinho Verde is literally translated as “Green Wine”. These wines have a Protected Denomination of Origin, meaning they are unique to one part of the world! Vinhos Verdes are aromatic and moderately alcoholic, and stand out for their freshness, lightness and balance.

The Vinho Verde Region extends throughout the north-west of Portugal, occupying a total area of ​​about 21000 hectares of vineyard. Granitic soils, mild climate, high precipitation, geographic and coastal geographic situation naturally give the wine the freshness, lightness and alcohol content that characterize the entire range of the Region.

Vinho Verde is not green or produced with green grapes! The origin of the brand refers to the characteristics of the region of production, covered with lush green vegetation. The profile of the wine, with its freshness and lightness, is “green” in reference to its youth.

Vinho Verde is particularly popular as an appetizer, but is also the perfect choice for informal, light, healthy meals. Try it with fish dishes, seafood, white meats, salads, sushi and sashimi, Italian pastas, cheeses, …

Book your one week surf camp package in Porto or Esmoriz for July 16 – 23 or July 23 – 30 to join the Vinho Verde 2017 festival. Tickets cost €10 euros and includes the official festival glass, 8 passes for proofs in the spaces of the 39 exhibitors of Vinho Verde, 1 pass for a Showcooking or for a Practical Class by one of the chefs of the event, with tasting. 




€640 private single

€500 shared double

€570 shared double ensuite

€400 mixed dorms

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