02 March 2020


DIE BESTEN SURFCAMPS FÜR ANFÄNGER Surfen entwickelt sich zu einer der beliebtesten Sportarten weltweit. Jedes Jahr begeben sich Menschen jeden Alters an die nächstgelegenen Strände oder an exotischere Orte, um ihre Surf-Fantasien zu verwirklichen. Und jedes Jahr tauchen immer mehr Surfcamps an den Küsten (und sogar im [...]

14 May 2019

Best coastal towns and beaches in north Portugal – Northern Portugal travel guide

BEST COASTAL TOWNS AND BEACHES IN NORTH PORTUGAL NORTHERN PORTUGAL TRAVEL GUIDE Northern Portugal is a region of rich culture and history. The coast is peppered with old towns and cities built on fishing and ocean industries. Among historical launch sites of Portuguese exploration and trade posts [...]

01 May 2019

Best options for surfing holidays in Europe

You're trying to find the best surfing holidays in Europe. There are surf schools and camps all over Europe, and a tremendous amount of surf spots to choose from. But what are the prime options to go surfing in Europe? And which countries are the best choice to make the most of a Surfing Holiday? [...]

22 April 2019

The Best Surfboards for Intermediate Surfers

BEST SURFBOARDS FOR INTERMEDIATE SURFERS AM I AN INTERMEDIATE SURFER? Perhaps you’ve been on a few surf holidays and are ready to invest in a board. OR, you’re tired of your Softboard and want to know what’s next. But are you an intermediate surfer? An intermediate surfer [...]

12 April 2019

Surf Practice at home or on land – Balance board

SURF PRATICE AT HOME OR ON LAND What can you do when there’s just no waves? Or if you’re stuck in land between surf trips? One of the best ways to maintain your surf level is to incorporate a Balance Board into your fitness regime. Surf Practice [...]

08 April 2019

The Greatest Family Surf Holidays in Portugal

Portugal is an amazing option for your next surf family holiday. The weather is wonderful for most of the year and prices are great compared with the rest of Europe. In addition, the Portuguese are friendly, humble and always willing to help. The Portuguese maintain their authentic culture with traditional architecture, food and family values. [...]

08 April 2019

Learning to Surf at 30, 40 and Beyond

LEARNING TO SURF AT 30, 40 AND BEYOND You’re late to the game. And you’ve got some making up to do. That’s how I feel almost every time a paddle out. As someone who started in the white waters at 30, let me share my surf experience [...]

08 April 2019

Best National Dish of Portugal

The Portuguese culinary tradition is all about simple, delicious meals enjoyed with friends and family. Most Portuguese families gather together around the kitchen table every Sunday. Behind any Portuguese dish, there’s the recipe of a mother, an aunt and a grandmother. This is one of the reasons Portuguese food is so special. It's full of [...]

26 March 2019

FEST Film Festival Espinho

This year the renowned FEST Film Festival is June 24 - July 1, in Espinho. Join us at Surfivor Surf Camp Esmoriz from June 23 - 30 and combine your Surf Holiday with this incredible celebration of independent international film... FEST FILM FESTIVAL and [...]

26 March 2019

Yoga and Surf Camp Esmoriz

ALL SUMMER LONG... Yoga and Surf Season begins in Esmoriz on June 2nd and continues until the end of September. Book your Surf Camp Pack in Esmoriz from June - September to get THREE FREE Yoga and Pilates Lessons in our backyard. YOGA [...]

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