Surf lessons for every level (Esmoriz & Porto)

Learn to surf with us! Even if you have never stood on a surfboard before, our friendly and qualified coaches will have you surfing in no time. For those surfers who already have a bit more experience under their belt, we also offer “intermediate” and “advanced guiding” courses to take your skills to the next level. Aside from the surf lessons which take place on the beach, we organise two weekly theory and video-coaching sessions at the surf camp.

Beginner: For people with zero experience or basic surf skills

The beginner course provides you with a step-by-step introduction to the practical and theoretical basics of surfing waves. Professional surf lessons are led by highly qualified surf instructors incl. theory and video coaching.


Novice: For people with a little surfing experience wishing to develop their skills further

The novice course builds upon the beginner course by aiming to improve your paddling and take-off techniques. You will increase your wave count and start to catch your first green waves. Professional surf lessons are led by highly qualified surf instructors.


Intermediate: Guiding for experienced surfers

At the advanced surf clinic, your local surf coach will (with their intricate knowledge of the best spots) will take you the right place at the right time, providing professional assistance and advice in the water. Get ready for some of the best sessions you’ve ever had! This level requires a high level of experience and physical preparedness.


All surf courses include:

Surf theory & video coaching

Twice a week we hold theory and video-coaching sessions in the surf camp. You will be taught how the oceans really work and which weather conditions are needed to generate the perfect waves for surfing. Additionally, our video analysis is always great fun and will teach you which steps to take to improve your surfing skills. It’s also a great opportunity to track the whole group’s progress over the course of the week.

Surf equipment

Surfivor provides guests with a wide range of surfboards and wetsuits. We have wetsuits in all sizes and more than 40 surfboards ranging from softboards for beginners to mini Malibu’s and longboards. We also offer a broad choice of hardboards in multiple sizes for the more experienced surfer. You may use this equipment during your entire stay and have it at your disposal, even on days without lessons.

Trips to the best surf spots

There are many surf spots suitable for all experience levels within walking distance of our surf camps. One of the best parts about these spots is that they are almost never crowded. You can learn to surf in a safe environment free from any concerns. If you are exploring the north Portuguese coastline and want to surf the best breaks in the region let our local surf guides take you the perfect spots. We also offer fantastic car rental deals and provide detailed information on how to get around.