São João is June 23!

Book your surf course for June 18 – 25 and join us for the best night of your life: São João.

Very likely the most fun, but least known, street festival in Europe is the festival of São João in Porto. The festival itself has sacred and pagan roots, but nowadays it is all about the epic street party! São João is also the patron saint of lovers, and love is certainly in the air.

The festivities begin early in the afternoon of June 23 and last until the sun rises the following morning. Happily, trains run all night. You can decide for yourself whether you’d like to head home at a respectable hour, or dance until dawn. The festival is mainly organised around the Ribeira where, music stages and food stalls line the riverside.

Picture this: You head to town with a gaggle of stoked and sun kissed surfistas. Arrive as the sun is setting and cross over Pont Luís Bridge and into the festival centre. Street barbecues sell Superbock, sangria and grilled sardines. Pick up a sangria and a plastic mallet along the way, so as to be fully prepared for battle. Check out a few of the stages and the street performers, eat some delicious barbeque, dance a little, drink a little more. Wink at strangers and maybe bash a few on the head. Are you feeling the love?

At midnight, BOOM, a fireworks display fills the sky and revamps you for what is next. Turn the music up and dance until your mates drag you home, or until São João finds you the right lover. You can even stay up all night and head to the beach to see the bonfires and watch the sun rise over beautiful Porto.

Whether you choose to join us in our Surf Hostel in Porto or our Beach House in Esmoriz, we will all be heading to São Bento train station on Friday June 23rd to join the merriment. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!