We will keep your holiday fun-packed so feel free to take part in our many extra activities. Whether you want to stay in or around the surf camp, take part in one of our yoga sessions (only Esmoriz), relax on the beach or wish to discover Porto and its surrounding area, there is something for everyone!

Discover Porto

Located along Douro river estuary, Porto is one of Europe’s oldest cities and was proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. The west of the city extends along the coast of the Atlantic ocean. Our Porto Surf Hostel is located there, the Esmoriz Surf Camp is just a 25min drive away.

Porto won the European Best Destination 2012 and 2014 awards. Sightseeing attractions include: Porto’s famous port wine cellars where you can taste the cities’ most famous export, a visit to the old Ribeira quarter by the river bank and a stroll across the impressive Ponte Luis I.

There is no shortage of places to eat and drink in Porto. You will have the chance to try a number of traditional Portuguese dishes. A must-try is the famous and delicious Francesinha – literally, Frenchy or little French girl. 

Free Yoga sessions twice a week (only in our Esmoriz Surf Camp)

From June to September guests at Surfivor Esmoriz can join our ‘Yoga for Surfers’ program. In these sessions the yoga teacher will focus on training the flexibility and balance required to surf at your best.

Additionally, special exercises will be taught to help you to relax your muscles and unwind after a long day of surfing. These sessions will help you to develop a great mind-set for surfing and are very popular with our guests, even among those who have never tried yoga before.

Night life

Industria - One of the best night clubs in Portugal
Let Porto capture your heart with its mix of old-town flair and hip, artsy style. The city’s vibrant atmosphere is home to many cultural attractions and world-class nightlife venues. Visit typically Portuguese restaurants, tapas bars, nightclubs and discos in the town centre. The nightclub Industria is also near the Porto Surf Hostel.

More extra activities

  • free use of longboards
  • free use of bikes to cruise though the nearby forest park and nature reserve (Esmoriz)
  • free use of balance boards
  • beach volleyball
  • visit the Porto markets

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